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We encourage a no obligation 30 minute chat to better understand your predicament & to  help you decide next steps. 

How to Choose a Mediator

1.  Its important to choose an experienced, properly trained, accredited and registered mediator that matches your needs given the type of dispute you are faced with.

2.  When you visit The Mediators Institute of Ireland website ( ) you will find a comprehensive directory of mediators registered in the Republic of Ireland.

3.  All accredited, practicing MII members have a profile which you can view in the “find a mediator” section.

4.  The search facility will assist you to search based on area of speciality, location and name etc.

5.  It is worth noting that MII mediators are professionally trained and appropriately skilled and have been assessed as competent practitioners. They are obliged to adhere to the MII’s Code of Ethics and Practice, engage in continuous professional development (CPD) and hold professional indemnity insurance. Under the Mediation Act 2017 each Mediator is required to provide evidence of their professional qualifications, CPD & positions / appointments. Click “here” to see ours.

6.  It is worth looking at the Mediators general experience and their specific experience in dealing with different types of disputes. It is also worth checking out the Mediators general experience, commercial experience, other professional qualifications and testimonials.

7.  Finally – have an initial conversation with your prospective Mediator for at least 30 mins over the phone, or video call or even in person if that’s possible and  explain the issue at hand. Assess how professional they are. Did they listen, do you feel they understand the dispute and do you feel they come across as  confident in handling your case. You should also use this opportunity be clear on the Mediators Fees.