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We encourage a no obligation 30 minute chat to better understand your predicament & to  help you decide next steps. 

Our Fees

At we specialise in organisational, workplace, employer and employee conflict and dispute resolution. We focus on the types of disputes where we have significant experience and  a track record of success in delivering successful outcomes for clients quickly.  Consequently we have become seasoned practitioners in this particular field of dispute resolution. We have significant experience working with individuals in both small & large organisations across multiple sectors. We have a reputation of resolving conflict that our clients value.  Our hourly rate for workplace mediation is €188 and our daily rate is €1440. Fees quoted are x-VAT. We regularly schedule a free 30 min call with clients to listen to their particular requirements, explain how we do what we do & ultimately help clients decide if we are best placed to provide assistance.  Most workplace disputes can be successfully mediated over just one day with a minority requiring a second day, so mediation is quicker and significantly less expensive when compared to litigious adversarial alternative approaches.    For a 30 min chat just use the contact form, email us or call us  and we will provide some timeslot options. We look forward to talking with you.